Healthcare-Governance Risk and Compliance tool(GRC tool)

HIPAA compliance to testing associates

FixNIx's specialy integrated solution for healthcare industries, address major pain point that prevent an organization from functioning at its highest level of efficiency:

  1. Keeping up with regulatory changes
  2. Centralizing risk management
  3. Securing PHI and preparing for related audits
  4. Reporting incidents ranging from IT security to personnel and assets

FixNix's GRC platform solves these problems, plus empowers people at every level in your organization to take control and make better business decisions.

Risk Monitoring:

NixRisk proactively identifies and mitigates risks throughout your organization. We understand that risks can be anything from a misconfigured device to a natural disaster, and our flexible tools will accommodate your entire risk universe. Log risks manually during risk management exercises or populated automatically from a number of sources, including the internal risk assessments. Risks can also be visually represented through our overall dashboard.

Manage your business associates:

With the final Omnibus rule released in January, it is vital that you measure business associate compliance as they are now treated as covered entities. Nix Vendor Manager categorizes, classifies and issues assessments to your business associates that they can answer via a secure extranet. Instead of building and emailing assessment documents, NixRisk can send dynamic risk assessments to key business associates. Create assessments automatically from your policies, directly from regulations in the content library or leverage Shared Assessments SIG Questionnaires. These assessments can automatically generate records throughout NixGRC and catalog any risks or incidents that emerge.

Streamline your audit, risk teams & comply to regulations within 30 seconds!

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