Financial-Governance Risk and Compliance tool(GRC tool)

Proving compliance to integrating IT security

Data from multiple sources is correlated to expose a single view of the entire organization’s security, risk and compliance posture supporting:

  1. Compliance with industry regulations and standards
  2. Centralization of risk management
  3. Remediation of IT security threats
  4. Documentation of incidents and investigations
  5. Efficient audit preparation

SMBGRC empowers users at every level in the organization to make data-driven business decisions.

Risk Monitoring:

NixRisk proactively identifies and mitigates risks throughout your organization. We understand that risks can be anything from a misconfigured device to a natural disaster, and our flexible tools will accommodate your entire risk universe. Log risks manually during risk management exercises or populated automatically from a number of sources, including the internal risk assessments. Risks can also be visually represented through our overall dashboard.

Integrating all GRC Modules:

SMBGRC ingests data from multiple third-party systems like vulnerability, web application scanners, and SIEMs. SMBGRC then correlates this data to provide a single real-time view of your organization’s security and risk posture and allows organizations to show real metrics around vulnerability remediation. An asset database with asset scorecards is also generated automatically that show the history of vulnerabilities on assets. Prioritize vulnerability remediation by connecting key data to compliance obligations to protect critical data.

Streamline your audit, risk teams & comply to regulations within 30 seconds!

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