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Manage Asset Management Database

views of asset management in the engineering environment are: the practice of managing assets to achieve the greatest return (particularly useful for productive assets such as plant and equipment), and the process of monitoring and maintaining facilities systems, with the objective of providing the best possible service to users (appropriate for public infrastructure assets). It may apply to both tangible assets such as buildings and to intangible concepts such as intellectual property and goodwill. It's easy to track and audit all your assets. You can create powerful software inventory reports to find out the list of applications installed. You can use our Import CSV feature for bulk addition of assets and we will help you migrate from existing tools to FixNix Asset Management

Benefits of the Solution

Yes, we know the pain in adding all the assets manually. With our asset discovery tool you can automatically populate list of assets into CMDB(COnfiguration Management Database) within minutes. It also can find out when a device was changed or removed.

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