Analyze, score and track each risk—configurable for any risk methodology

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Risk Management System

an integrated and flexible framework for documenting and assessing risks, defining controls, managing assessments and audits, identifying issues, and implementing recommendations and remediation plans. Risk Management Solution provides a centralized risk framework to document and manage all risks faced by an organization. It supports risk assessment and computations based on configurable methodologies and algorithms, giving a clear view into each organization’s risk profile, and enabling managers to prioritize their response strategies for optimal risk/reward outcomes. Once the key risks have been identified and prioritized, Risk Management Solution leverages the COSO framework to help define a set of controls that mitigate those risks. The solution also allows associated policies and procedure documents to be attached for reference. Assessment plans to evaluate and ensure the effectiveness of the controls can be designed and assigned to owners based on roles and responsibilities.

Benefits of the Solution

Generate a risk register, including dynamic records created by assessments. Analyze, score and track each risk—configurable for any risk methodology. Powerful, flexible reporting on current risk status and trends over time. Track remediation, including policy exceptions.

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