FixNix Regulatory Risk Data Lake

Simplify Risk Analytics

Our state-of-the art “Risk Data Lake Regulatory Reporting” concept which can delve deep into the unstructured risk from public sources to tap into the current risks faced by banks along with their regular risk info to file reports to regulators like RBI, MAS, HK MA, FCA etc.


  • The risk reporting requirements for banks have taken a deliberate turn towards being more detailed and prescriptive.
  • Banks are struggling on one hand to understand and to catalog the requirements coming from a mushrooming set of regulators, and on the other hand scrambling to get their data house in order to ensure compliance.
  • Data lakes that can scale at the pace of the cloud remove integration barriers and clear a path for more timely and informed business decisions.

Streamline your audit, risk teams & comply to regulations within 30 seconds!

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