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FixNix, one of the market leaders in the GRC space, works closely with enterprises in multiple domains helping them to proactively mitigate their Enterprise Risks. Our Risk Analytics products spans across five major Risk Assessment components across different domains: Criticality Analytics, Threat Analytics, Vulnerability Analytics, Likelihood and Impact.


  • The risk reporting requirements for banks have taken a deliberate turn towards being more detailed and prescriptive.
  • Banks are struggling on one hand to understand and to catalog the requirements coming from a mushrooming set of regulators, and on the other hand scrambling to get their data house in order to ensure compliance.
  • Data lakes that can scale at the pace of the cloud remove integration barriers and clear a path for more timely and informed business decisions.

Broker Risk Analytics

  • What is the estimated impact of the trading portfolio on earnings per share?
  • How does the return on equity or return on invested capital within the trading business compare with internal targets?
  • What level of catastrophic risk exists within the trading portfolio and how that may impact current and future earnings?
  • What current trading strategies generate the improved profit for the firm?
  • How or why does the company make or lose money in a particular book or strategy?
  • How do you leverage analytics to assess opportunities within new markets?
  • Is there a need to apply descriptive or predictive analytics to support a particular business situation?

Security Risk Analytics

  • Leverages data from multiple sources and analyzes asset, network, business function and risk intelligence with security, compliance and incident data.
  • Business manifestation of risks due to failures or violations in security, compliance, and incident management, enabling actionable insight to enforce a defensible and resilient cyber posture.
  • Situational awareness on multiple fronts – risk, threat, compliance, incident from a single pane.
  • Aggregation of compliance, risk, threat, and incident data in a single solution also enables real-time, flexible board room reporting of key performance indicators.

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