Regulatory Change Management

The Regulatory Change Management Software enables us to manage regulatory changes in the organization which may have an impact on the processes, risks, policies, and controls. It helps manage all obligations in an appropriate manner and support to fulfill all regulatory requirements. It also provides a step by step overview of the activities involved in the compliance process.

In the event of any change, it is important to establish a workflow during the transition period to ensure there is no change in work rate . The Regulatory Change Management system enables an organization to do just that. Through Regulatory Compliance Change Management systems we can maintain a constant track over any regulations we require, subsequently plotting the risks associated with the same. Regulatory Change Management Tools also allow us to seamlessly maintain a record of the tasks at hand, Automate various tasks and their associated follow-ups as well. Additional Features include ,

1. Impact Assessment . Here the system performs the task of proactively understanding the importance of various factors. The system is dynamic in this sense as it determines the impact of various tasks.

2. Monitoring and Reporting . The system constantly keeps track of the many changes in the organization and also makes email reports and reminders to alert the people in charge.


  • Workflow and assignment of tasks
  • Tracking of tasks
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Mapping of current risks and classification
  • Impact assessment
  • Monitoring and reporting

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