Product Compliance Management

The Product Compliance Management System enables the effective management of compliance with product regulations. It helps integrate all the data on the product, suppliers, testing labs, and compliance teams. The module give organizations to evaluate customer requirement applicable to product content, develop business strategies, evaluate available resources and to deliver executive presentations.

Our Product Compliance Management System focuses on making sure the Product at hand adheres to the requirements and rules set by the compliance team. Thus we have a compliance subdivision within the Product Management Team to ensure that the Product is developing correctly. In case of any discrepancies a Product Compliance Audit can also be scheduled to determine the validity of the products development and their development rate as well. The Product Compliance Software provides many valuable services like Risk Management and Vendor Evaluation. Product Information Management is the last part of the system which deals with how the product is represented and its related information is analyzed to prove the same .


  • Product Information management
  • Vendor Management
  • Risk Management
  • Product Testing
  • Inspection and Auditing
  • Product Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting

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