Policy Management

Simplifies the process of writing and distributing policies

Having a robust policy and procedure management software solution in place helps you manage the whole policy implementation. By using FixNix Policy Management, Policy and procedures life-cycle can now be entirely managed and controlled. Any Policy or procedure can be drafted in an easy way and can be assigned to a specific group of users. This removes the need to store and maintain policies in multiple systems and also allows you take advantage of the powerful document management features.

Our product aims to simplify the development, review and approval of policies and relevant documents. Our Policy Management System provides an easy and federated approach to Policy Management. Our system in keeping with the GRC centric tradition provides a great deal of importance to Policy Management Compliance as it is an integral part of our module. The Compliance module is one of utmost importance because it functions as a follow-up service to ensure the proper functioning, implementation and adherence towards the Policy. Our Policy Management Document simplifies and accelerates the retrieval of policies and documents. Policy Management Solutions are also provided by our system by strengthening regulatory compliance through mapping of regulations and standards to corporate policies.


  • Make the development, review, and approval of polices and relevant documents easier .
  • Provides a centralized approach to policy management
  • Clarify and speed up the retrieval of policies and documents
  • Improve the regulatory compliance by mapping standards to corporate policies

Streamline your audit, risk teams & comply to regulations within 30 seconds!

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