Incident Management

Incident management is not expected to perform root cause analysis to identify why an incident occurred. Rather, the focus is on doing whatever is necessary to restore the service. This often requires the use of a temporary fix, or workaround. An important tool in the diagnosis of incidents is the known error database (KEDB), which is maintained by problem management. The KEDB identifies any problems or known errors that have caused incidents in the past and provides information about any workarounds that have been identified.

An incident model defines the following: The steps to be taken to handle the incident, the sequence of the steps and responsibilities, Precautions to be taken prior to resolving the incident, Timescales for resolution, Escalation procedures,and Evidence preservation.


  • Manage and monitor incidents
  • Identify impacts and supply Information
  • Investigations into Incidents
  • Provide timely response for handling incidents
  • Proactive risk assessment
  • Reporting



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