Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management enables us to identify, assess, quantify, manage, and monitor enterprise risks in a highly streamlined, automated, and integrated manner. This also scales across the enterprise, capturing risk and control data, as well as risk assessment findings, losses, issues and remediation plans in a single, centralized system.

Our Enterprise Risk Management system is focused on reporting, analyzing and subsequently mitigating said risks to ensure the safety of the system. Our Enterprise Risk Management system provides smooth risk assessment and management in a completely automated manner. Our Enterprise Risk Management solutions are also dynamic and carefully planned in the event of any risk to the system .


  • Mitigate risk based on your risk levels by using different scoring mechanisms
  • Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Action Planning
  • Risk Response Management
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Control Activities

The first part of the system is the Risk Assessment aspect where we initially give a subject and risk score to the problem at hand. The Risk Score is used to determine exactly how serious the issue is . Now the system classifies the risk at hand and the reviewer needed to report and subsequently mitigate the issue. After this the score model is decided where the system segregates the risk based on International Risk Standards like OWASP, Classic etc. The required documents are uploaded and the reviewer determines the mitigation plan for the risk at hand. Here the Risk Management module starts and the mitigation plan is determined . After which the Risk Management Solution is approved by the reviewer and simultaneously the priority mails are sent to the reviewer/ reviewers regarding the same . Recurring risks are also constantly monitored for the safety of the system.

Our Enterprise Risk Management suite is very efficient in providing a completely automated experience for the user to assess and mitigate risks seamlessly . Our system essentially cuts down the time required to report and assess any risk in any aspect of the business by a significant amount.

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