Compliance Management

The Compliance Management System enables us to manage and automate compliance management processes. It also allows us to establish business context for compliance, identify and meet regulatory obligations, and implement compliance policies and standards. Our Compliance Management Solutions enable the standardizing of compliance and the control of processes. Additionally we have other features in built into our Compliance Management Software like ,

1. Compliance Risk Management Governance policies. As specified before we specialize in offering Governance, Risk and Compliance based solutions, hence it is no surprise that our Compliance Risk Management System has a Governance clause. Our system constantly monitors and governs the risk management strategies and how much they adhere to compliance regulations as well.

2. Compliance Management Services like Compliance Assessment allows us to determine how well the system is adhering to the requirements. Issue Management where the problems in the system are highlighted and targeted to ensure they are corrected accordingly. Our System also provides many intermediate services like providing alerts and reminders and reporting the risk associated with the services provided.

3. Follow-up services are also provided by the system where evidence of compliance rules are uploaded seamlessly to ensure a clear cut continuity in the schedule. Rule management is also another important feature where the compliance rules are constantly monitored to ensure they comply with the requirements of the organization.


  • Compliance Assessment
  • Issue Management
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Evidence of compliance
  • Rules management
  • Risk Reporting

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