Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity management is the framework which provide the organisation with the ability to effectively respond to threats.

In the advent of a disaster at a particular organization ranging from a hack to a natural disaster, there needs to a plan in place to restore the original business model .The Business Continuity Management system focuses on restoring this business model, making sure the organization can continue to operate as usual. This System makes sure all assets and personnel are safe in case of a disaster. The System also maintains a point of contact with many information systems operators . There are many facets to this system , like :

1. The Business Continuity Management Audit which ensures that an auditing committee is in place to ensure that the business is able to recover from a disaster of such a magnitude. This Audit is managed by the Audit Management System as well.

2. Business Continuity Management Governance focuses on making sure the Business Continuity Management System is running smoothly . Governance systems also makes sure the plan for the Business Continuity system is continuously updated .


  • Assessment of Business Continuity Risk exposure
  • Analysis of Business importance
  • Business Continuity planning
  • Disaster Recovery Measures
  • Crisis Management
  • Incident and Emergency Response Procedures
  • Contingency Planning

Seven elements are essential parts of effective business continuity:-

1. A clearly defined team.

2. A detailed plan.

3. Effective testing.

4. Crisis communications.

5. Employee safety.

6. Uninterrupted access to business resources.

7. Continuous IT operations.

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