Does your current GRC process suck your time, money and resources?

By adopting our GRC Platform, customers see tangible business benefits from consistent and closed-loop processes across sites and functions, real-time visibility and easy access to risk and compliance data, and a collaborative environment for improved co-ordination between teams..


Flexible and Extensible GRC Data Model

Our GRC solution has an extensive set of libraries for risks, controls, processes, policies, assets, organizations, regulations and other GRC elements. These entities are highly configurable, and can have attributes, relationships and workflows defined centrally and leveraged across the enterprise..

Intuitive User Experience and Collaboration

We introduce a new level of simplicity and ease-of-use to enable successful adoption of GRC applications among users across the enterprise. The platform includes new usability standards for improved navigation and easy access to contextual information. It also enables highly intuitive visualization of relationships between organizations, processes, risks, controls and regulations.

The Platform contains a highly configurable and flexible security model for administering access and security to application users. Security administrators can enable or restrict access to various GRC library objects with a strong two-step definition process.

The system contains robust capabilities for security, access controls, identity management, audit trails, electronic signatures, encryption, authorization and authentication. These capabilities ensure compliance with various international, national and regional regulations on record keeping, privacy, and protection of the quality and integrity of data (such as HIPAA, PCI and much more.) Your GRC team is smart, have a smart system too!


Support for the end-to-end Compliance & Policy Management process

Our Compliance & Policy Management is a software solution that supports the end-to-end compliance process and is part of the integrated Governance, Risk management, and Compliance Platform. The regulatory landscape is continuously evolving and has a broad impact across the organization. In order to manage the constant stream of changes in regulations, FixNix helps compliance teams quickly identify company policies and business processes directly impacted by each regulation. Compliance teams can then determine whether to engage business process owners using targeted compliance assessment campaigns and action plans to remediate compliance issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Capture organizational risks and policy exceptions
  • • Document risks.
  • • Generate a risk register including dynamic records created by assessments.
  • • Prioritize risks.
  • • Analyze, score and track each risk—configurable for any risk methodology.
  • • View key risk indicators.
  • • Powerful, flexible reporting on current risk status and trends over time.
  • • Manage treatment.
  • • Track remediation, including policy exceptions.

We let you align processes to the ISO27001 “plan, do, check, act” methodology. Replicate and improve internal processes using an easily configurable workflow. View assessment results in detailed and high-level dashboards and reports. Leverage audit log to monitor the history of assessment participation and issue remediation. We offer both as a hosted SaaS solution or as an on-premise software deployment. The reporting and visual dashboarding capabilities are as strong as any other solutions. We have role-based dashboarding, easy-to-use report editors and, most importantly, a correlated view of all risk aspects in the enterprise. This is a complete offering for managing risk.  



GRC Process Automation

Many organizations still use spreadsheets and emails for business critical processes related to Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) management.  These more “manual” processes become burdensome as infrastructure scales out or new compliance and policy requirements emerge. Without a traceable and efficient way to perform, track, and report GRC assessment results, organizations face the possibility of failing audits, costly fines, and reputation damage. We make all these work easier and enable you to complete in time.

How we are positioning our cost effective GRC

More than cost and other factors we mainly focus more on security and confidentiality of customers data. We determine the proper security settings are in place. Since our tool is going to have a lot of extremely sensitive data in its repository. Access should be on a need to know basis with only senior management having complete visibility.Our solutions can be customized out of the box which you prefer to. Your artwork can also incorporated into the overall design

This combination of the updated platform, core solutions and new value-add solutions will help customers more efficiently stay ahead of risk management and compliance requirements as their environments continue to grow and regulatory requirements change. Improved internal audit capabilities offer customers the opportunity to connect auditing with enterprise controls – a crucial first step in integrating compliance within an overall risk management strategy.  

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