With FIxNix GRC the work becomes easier and complete it as quick as possible within the time

FixNix focus more in adding features instead of increasing price for GRC platform.

With FixNix GRC platform , you'd think your GRC budget will drastically come down but not the features. We afford you all the features of other billion dollar product and also some features added flavors to make corporate policies and process run smoothly. Since we mainly focus on Agile Development we implement the solution as quickly as possible with perfection.

With FixNix SaaS based deployment model, you pay exactly what you signed up for. And Free means $0. There are no worry of extra billing on the go setup and pay as per your usage. And there are no painful surprises as your team grows...

FeaturesFixNix GRCRSA Archer GRCMetricstream GRCModulo GRC
Audit& Control Management
Risk Register Managementl
Risk Assessment Management
Incident management
RACI Authorization Model
Consolidated Indicators and Dashboard
Vulnerability Management
Policy Management
Asset Management
Compliance Management
Logs Monitoring
Logs Intelligence
Vendor Management
Business Continuity Management
Document Management
Change Management
Enterprise Management
Federal Continuous Management
Federal Assessment and Authorization
Equipment Management
Regulatory Reporting
Training Management
Software on Premise
Software as a Service
Open Source
Integrated GRC
GRC Centralized Library
Knowledge Management
Governance risk map
Vendor Risk Management
Quality Management

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