About Us


FixNix was born as a solution to the GRC problem that our Founder and Chief Nixer Shanmugavel faced while working with another startup as their Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Looking to buy a solution at an affordable budget ended up being almost impossible. With a vision to radicalize Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solutions at affordable rates, he pioneered FixNix. The startup provides GRC solutions to growth markets ranging from India to Africa. After assembling a strong first batch of 15+ interns in the first two months of 2013 the stage was set to begin servicing.

Mission and Vision:

Mission :

To offer Easy-to- adopt, scalable and affordable GRC product to information security teams.

Vision :

FixNix aims to democratize the GRC industry which can help an enterprise of any size go Live quickly with an intuitive product.

Products and Services :

Many cloud GRC products are very sector and department-oriented and don’t provide a complete compliance/security management system. FixNix specializes in Software as a Service (SaaS) and helps companies automate their information security processes through its GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) solutions.

Apart from the GRC suite FixNix we have Analytics products that span across five major Risk Assessment components across different domains: Criticality Analytics, Threat Analytics, Vulnerability Analytics, Likelihood, and Impact.

Additionally we market a Virtual CISO (Corporate Information Security Officer) service to allow organizations to be managed by a Seasoned industry recognized CISO especially when they don't desire to hire full-time security staff.

Achievements and Awards:

Our GRC suite was adjudged as ‘Best Cloud Security Startup’ at IEEE Cloud Conclave, the suite also won the Microsoft Bitzspark Challenge and was awarded $60,000 worth of Azure cloud credits along with $5,000 cash. Our GRC product also was the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Winner for 2015.

Our Product was also recognized as the most innovative product of the year by the Data Security Council of India. NASSCOM also acknowledged our company as part of the Emerge 50 for 2014. Our Compliance product has also put us on the map with IBM ranking us within their top 30 Global Entrepreneurs.



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